Clevertouch Pro 84″ 4Κ

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Clever Software Suite Included

  • Ενσωματωμένο Android OS 4,4 kitkat quad core,Ανάλυση 4K
  • 10 σημεία αφής,Ενσωματωμένος Δίσκος 16GB flash memory and 2 GB RAM,Οθόνη Anti-Glare,Καλώδιο USB A-B
  • 4 X HDMI,3 X VGA,RJ45,Ηχεία 2 Χ 10W
  • RS232,email out function.
  • 2 Χ Clevershare*


  • LynxPro S/W
  • Montage**

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*CLEVERSHARE – These two dongles allow users to interface directly with the Clevertouch Pro, Pier – Pier rather than using the Company Wi-Fi  and allows Video and document sharing as well.


**MONTAGE – This allows up to 4 users to capture, contribute, share content and collaborate via local Lan or via cloud from anywhere around the world with the Clevertouch Pro.

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