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Children have short attention spans. Snowflake MultiTeach solves that problem, by making education more fun, engaging and memorable.

Snowflake MultiTeach consists of apps such as Match it, Ring Drop, Clock and other apps that help children develop good hand eye coordination skills. Learn about every day subjects such as math, geography, grammar, spelling and biology.

As this edutainment suite is a multi-user collaborative tool, it offers children in lower education a way to also improve communication and social skills and build more confidence.

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Key features
•Windows 7 & 8
•Works with any single, dual & multitouch display
•Phone, Skype & email support included
•Updates & upgrades included
•Online Customer Support Help Desk included
•Support to change texts into any language
•Landscape & portrait mode standard supported
•TUIO support

System requirements
•Processor: Dual Core 2.2 Ghzor better
•Memory: 2 GB (4 GB preferable)
•Graphic card: NVIDIA GeforceGTX 460 or better
•Single, dual or multitouch display

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